Clean hands save lives

One in five patients in low-income countries risks catching an infection while receiving medical care. Today, May 5, the World Health Organization commemorates the Day of Hand Hygiene #CleanHands!
Clean hands save lives, because they help avoid contracting infectious diseases by reducing the probability of transmission of pathogens in medical institutions by 50%!
As a Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the problem of antimicrobial resistance, together with my colleagues I joined the WHO Global Campaign. We urge the Ministry of Health to heed the recommendations of the WHO and develop a National Program for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and generally to accelerate the reform of the health care system in Ukraine.
Antimicrobial resistance poses a threat to effective treatment of many infectious diseases and significantly increases the costs for these purposes around the world. It is assumed that this will lead to a reduction in the GDP of the European Union countries by 2.39% from 2015 till 2050 and to more than 2.1 million deaths, with tuberculosis being the cause of a third of them. Ukraine has long been in the focus of the WHO supervision because of the high epidemiological level.
Last week, during the spring session of the PACE Assembly, the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development of the Assembly reviewed and approved the so-called introductory memorandum, which opened the way for writing a report on the issue of antimicrobial resistance in Europe, having agreed upon the working trips to Azerbaijan and Norway with the aim of collecting the information and experience on combating the problem. The draft report should be submitted to the Committee at the autumn session of the PACE, and the draft resolution to it – the next year.

Serhij Kiral
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