A quarter of taxes on education and competitive salaries for teachers: Sadovyi presented Samopomich’s program in the field of education

“The number of school leavers who decide to study abroad is increasing every year. Why? Because there is no corruption abroad and there is quality education,” says Samopomich’s leader Andriy Sadovyi.

He has written on his Facebook page that Samopomich has a plan of how to make Ukrainian educational institutions and their graduates competitive in Europe.

In particular, the party suggests that 25% of all taxes should be directed to the development of the education sector, and the excise tax on the sale of tobacco and alcohol – the so-called tax on sin – should be invested in the development of children (music, art, sports).

The teaching profession must be competitive: teachers must receive at least a third more than the average salary in the country,” adds Sadovyi.

Samopomich proposes reviving the vocational education by matching the government order with the needs of the local business. And to introduce competition in higher education institutions through project financing of science and innovation in the 10 best universities in the country.

“By the way, this year, Lviv has spent almost a third of its budget on education. Each school has two multiboards, which makes it easier to explain physics and chemistry to children. The best teachers and scientists receive municipal awards, as well as our school leavers who pass the external independent testing with the highest score. So it should be done throughout the whole country,” wrote Sadovyi.

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