Using others: Presidential scheme in “Ukroboronprom” defence complex

According to MP Taras Pastukh from the Samopomich parliamentary faction, who himself has been a participant in the Anti-Terrorist Operation, after the high-profile investigation by Bihus-Info about the scale of corruption in “Ukroboronprom” in which close friends of the Head of State are involved, the President himself should at least somehow react.

“It is obvious that the President must declare his position regarding the charges. It is the worst when we get no answer to these accusations. But, I think that the President will traditionally take advantage of his “talking heads” in the parliament and will make them fool people with smooth talk and accuse everyone who criticizes the President of working for Russia.”

Taras Pastukh notes that it is not the first time that the Ukrainian society hears about embezzlement over the 5 years of war. Yet, these have always been isolated cases involving some individual director of a defence company, some general, some deputy minister. With the approaching elections, more and more flagrant facts about making money from the war are being revealed.

“The current authorities have realised that their ship is sinking and started to set each other up. What we saw yesterday proves that these are not isolated cases, but a clearly constructed scheme that leads to the Supreme Commander, the President of Ukraine. Because such things could not have been happening without his knowledge. I think, with the approach of the elections – and may God give us new authorities – we will hear much more of such facts, amounts and persons involved in this.”

Taras Pastukh notes: Hladkovskyi (Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council involved in the corruption schemes in the defence industry) could not have been doing all this with Ukroboronprom on his own:

“This is obvious for everyone. He is one of the closest friends, business partners of the President. And it is obvious that the President cannot steal himself, he needs to organize a clear structure, which he would trusts, and which will continue to fulfil this task.”

Samopomich deputy believes that it is necessary to draw attention to these cases and finally set up a provisional investigatory commission for the parliament to be able to conduct its own investigation:

“Such a commission was once created and it managed to find a lot of facts of how money was withdrawn from defence enterprises to private entrepreneurs registered in stores, in apartments. The latter were then selling parts for unmanned aerial vehicles, for armoured vehicles. But all these facts never resulted in criminal proceedings.”

At the same time, Taras Pastukh is asking citizens to pay attention to the fact that not all politicians in opposition to the government really want an honest investigation: “There is a risk that this story will be used by certain candidates to get political dividends, purely for political PR before the presidential elections, and not for real fight against corruption.”

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