Why are foreign tourists afraid to go to Ukraine?

Why are foreign tourists afraid to go to Ukraine?

Because of propaganda. Lack of information. Lack of understanding of the level of service (although the service already exists).

A very bright example: do you know how many hotels in Ukraine have passed the procedure of assigning “stars” (categorization)?

243 … (!!!)

Only 243 hotels in all the years of independence, which is only 3-5% of all accommodation facilities!!!

Why is it so? Because the categorization commission (subordinate to the Department of Tourism) – with all due respect to its specialists – rarely holds its meetings, and the procedure itself is complicated and bureaucratized. And the Department of Tourism has not yet brought the “star” standards in line with the generally accepted European ones… (because it cannot translate a document from English)

By the way, the government has suggested making the categorization optional altogether, though every developed country in the world has it…

After all, even the majority of Ukrainians, when planning a trip abroad, are mainly guided by the number of “stars” of the hotel. Foreigners are even more so.

Therefore it is important to:

– Develop new “star” standards, both for regular hotels and for other means of accommodation (estates, hostels, apartments, etc.);

– categorize most of the means of placement;

– improve the level of service.

If we leave everything as it is – that is, when the commission categorizes no more than 30 hotels in a year – Ukraine will need more than 100 years to assign stars to the majority of hotels.

What do I offer in the new law “On Tourism”?

  1. The owners of a hotel will have the opportunity to enter information about their establishment in the new Registry.
  2. The form in the Register must comply with the updated accommodation quality standards.
  3. The control over the correspondence of the category of a hotel with the reality will be carried out by the relevant commissions subordinate to the bodies of local self-government.
  4. Training of the specialists of these commissions will be carried out by the Department of Tourism with the help of specialists who are now engaged in the categorization process and have extensive experience.
  5. If the commission notices that the category of an establishment is overstated, then this establishment is given some time to “correct mistakes”.
  6. If the mistakes are not corrected with time, a fine is imposed.

This will help categorize thousands of Ukrainian hotels in the shortest possible terms and will thereby return the TRUST of foreign tourists and improve the tourist attractiveness of Ukraine.

If you can suggest a better mechanism of how to urgently categorize thousands of hotels – I welcome your written offers sent to my e-mail:

[email protected]


Anna Romanova
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