Members of the parliament’s Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex threatening the stability of electricity prices in Ukraine

The meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex is ongoing. A draft law 8449d on green auctions is being considered during the meeting.

Let me remind you that we insist on reducing the highest in Europe green tariffs and immediately introducing green auctions. If this is not done this year, the additional financial burden on all consumers of electrical energy will make 10-15 billion hryvnias. This means additional 15-17 billion, which Ukrainians have to pay the green business every year.

That is, as a result, our poor Ukraine will sponsor the industry, the main player in which is Rinat Akhmetov’s DTEK, with more than 1 billion dollars a year!

In recent years, the main components of solar power plants (solar panels) have fallen in price by almost 9 times! Wind turbines have become almost twice as cheap! And this is with a significant increase in the efficiency of the equipment! Nevertheless, the poor Ukrainians continue to pay green tariffs which are many times higher than in rich Germany!

In the south of Ukraine, the return on solar stations already makes around only 4 years, while the level of yield is about 25% per annum in euros! Although, generally, in Ukraine, the return on investment of up to 7 years and the yield of about 15% are considered regular.

We need to be fair and objective – all those who are building green power plants today buy panels twice as cheap as 5 years ago, but have the same tariff – and this is paid by the consumers.

My amendments will make it possible for stations to still have high profitability at the level of 16% -18% per annum in euros – this is a good attractive yield. It is a worthy offer that other industries can only dream of.

Unfortunately, the absolute majority of the Committee’s members today did not find the courage to resist the green generation lobbying, which has actually imposed a new tax on Ukraine.

My amendment to reduce the green tariff on the sun by 30% and the wind by 10% was not supported by the Committee. Such a reduction would allow the “green” to develop normally and at the same time would remove the excessive burden from consumers.

I do not understand the position of my colleagues in the Committee. After all, their current non-constructive position will inevitably result in a huge increase in tariffs for consumers in the next year or two. And if the lobbying of the “green” is not stopped, then we will be forced to pay twice as much for electricity in order to satisfy all green generation plans.

I will insist on my amendments in the parliament hall during the consideration of the bill 8449d in the second reading.

Either the Verkhovna Rada immediately reduces the “green tariffs” and introduces “green auctions” or Ukraine will face the threat of a financial collapse of the energy sector due to the exorbitant, unjustified appetites of the “green energy”!


Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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