Yet another defeat of the prosecutor’s office: the court lifted the arrest of Marchenko’s property

Kharkiv court of appeal overturned the decision to arrest the property of Vladyslav Marchenko, deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council. Earlier Chervonozavod court of Kharkiv had seized the property of Vladyslav, his brother, and their wives.

Vladyslav Marchenko’s lawyer, Serhiy Barbashyn, considers the latest court decision to be yet another defeat of the prosecutor’s office, because once again their request was found to be groundless. Earlier, the court had also seen no grounds for keeping Vladyslav Marchenko in custody or releasing him on bail. The court had not supported the demands of the prosecutor’s office to remove Marchenko from his post either and had allowed him to appear in his workplace.

“And one more curious news: the prosecutor who participated in previous hearings resigned from the procedural management department of the Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office and started working in a district prosecutor’s office. Draw your own conclusions,” the lawyer says.

We shall recall that the prosecutor’s office accuses Vladyslav Marchenko of the theft of public funds intended for the construction of infrastructure facilities in Zaporizhia. This is despite the fact that all works have been completed, and every resident of the city can make sure that the funds have been used for their intended purpose. All the charges are contrived and unfounded and are nothing more than a political reprisal,” Samopomich believes.


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