Another lie from the Prime Minister regarding the privatization of the strategic plant “Turboatom”!

Today, when answering my question, why the government is being so persistent in its intention to sell the profit-making enterprise “Turboatom”, Volodymyr Hroisman once again resorted to manipulations and evaded an honest answer.

First, the government asserted there would be no strategic enterprises in the list for privatization. Six months later “Turboatom” was nevertheless put up for sale.

A month ago, when answering the question of Samopomich Volodymyr Hroisman promised that only 25 percent would be sold, while the state would keep the controlling stake.

That was yet another lie!

The Prime Minister states that the conditions for the sale of the enterprise will be determined by a separate resolution of the Cabinet.

Yet, in accordance with the order of the State Property Fund dated June 8, it was decided to sell more than 75 percent of the shares – which means a complete sale of the strategic object.

At the same time, the Prime Minister says that privatization is not a sale, but a way to attract investment, and this is nothing more than doublespeak.

However, the intention is clear. Persistently and aggressively, the government is trying to depreciate the very process of privatization and to sell profit-making, strategic enterprises which employ thousands of people along with the with loss-making ones.

This is the “present” from the authorities on the eve of the elections.

The order of the State Property Fund on the privatization of the state block of shares in Turboatom.


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