Because of the inertia of the Ministry of Justice, the raiders were able to rob a plant

Since January 2017, LLC “New Energy-Saving Technologies” (LLC “NEST”) has been suffering from the attacks of raiders. It all started with the forgery of constituent documents, and ended with the actual seizure of the enterprise.

It would seem that everything should have ended on March 28, 2018, when the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal restored the legitimate owners of the plant to their rights.

In fact, entrepreneurs were given the right to enter their own plant legally, conduct an audit and an inventory, asses the damage caused by the raiders. However, this did not happen, because the Ministry of Justice did not make legal changes to the Register of Rights to Real Estate. Incidentally, we are talking about the Register into which the criminals easily introduced the fake data.

Therefore, according to the Register, these are the raiders that are still considered to be the owners of “NEST”. Meanwhile, the Ministry says that it cannot make changes to the database due to the lack of technical capability. Whereas the officials are incapable of solving this problem, informed sources report that equipment is being exported from the plant. In particular, we are talking about expensive laboratory equipment at an approximate cost of 2 million hryvnias.

Therefore, the question of what the legitimate owners of the plant should do remains open. “The decision of the court must be carried out and the property stolen by the raiders must be returned to the owners,” MP Ivan Miroshnichenko from the Samopomich faction comments on the situation.

“Who will be punished? Who will bear responsibility for the stolen property, the injured people, the financial losses, and the loss of goodwill of the state?” asks the MP.


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