“Ukraine loses at least 100 billion hryvnias every year because of the scheme with taxes” – Sadovyi

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, calls the Ukrainian Customs the “black hole” of the budget. “If the money that ends up today in the pockets of corrupt officials because of the customs schemes did go to the budget, we would have at least one new modern hospital in each region or almost 200 high-speed trains,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

He also presented the tax policy plan for the state: “Our tax position has been consistent and unchanged ever since the beginning of our term in the parliament. First of all, we suggest introducing a tax on the withdrawn capital – to collect taxes from entrepreneurs only when they withdraw money from their businesses.”

According to Sadovyi, in the next parliament, the party will promote the anti-offshore legislation:

“The state has to do its best to discourage the oligarchs from hiding money abroad.” To do this, Samopomich proposes to introduce transfer pricing and the mechanism of “controlled foreign companies”.

“Thus, information about the foreign owners of Ukrainian companies, as well as about the ownership of Ukrainian companies in offshore areas, will be received by the responsible authorities and the latter will have all the opportunities and rights to check and charge additional taxes if they find evasion facts,” explains Sadovyi.

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