Syroyid: “Issuance of Hungarian passports in Transcarpathia is the repetition of the Crimean scenario”

The Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Oksana Syroyid, accuses the authorities of inaction in the situation with the granting…

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Taras Pastukh: We need to protect foreigners and not forget our heroes

When considering the draft law on the protection of foreigners who defended Ukraine, MP Taras Pastukh from the Samopomich parliamentary…

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Syroyid: “If PACE lets Russia back, lets it return, Russia will swallow the Council of Europe”

We cannot allow the Russian delegation to return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, because it will…

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Iryna Podoliak: “We are approaching a historic Rubicon in the issue of the Ukrainian language”

On Thursday, October 4, the Verkhovna Rada will consider four bills on language. According to MP Iryna Podoliak from the…

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Olena Sotnyk: “The return of Russia to PACE will destroy this institution”

The Ukrainian parliament has made a decision in which it addressed all members of the Council of Europe condemning the…

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The youth will lead the country tomorrow: read in the new issue of the “Samopomich” newspaper

Newspaper of the Samopomich Union dated September 27: The youth will lead the country tomorrow. “It is important for us…

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Oleh Bereziuk: What Ukraine needs today is a strong pressure from below

The Chairman of Samopomich Union faction urges people to exercise pressure on the authorities and the government, because the situation…

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Ostrikova: The government must immediately submit a plan for the reform of the State Fiscal Service and the Customs and organize a competition for the position of SFS head

While the government provides an increase in funding for law enforcement agencies by 23% in the draft state budget for…

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Ruslan Sydorovych: The inability to service one’s debts should not be a verdict

According to banks, there are 50 billion hryvnias of problem indebtedness of individuals in Ukraine. Many people are in such…

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Oksana Syroyid: It is not right to be playing a giveaway game with the enemy”

Oksana Syroyid is totally against the extension of the Law on the Special Status of Donbas. The Vice Speaker emphasized…

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