Cabinet supports the tour operator which harmed thousands of Ukrainians?

Anna Romanova once again appealed to the government regarding the “Join Up” company, whose actions massively affected Ukrainian and Belarusian…

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Sysoyenko: Provision of financing for emergency medical service only in 5 regions is discrimination of the others

Samopomich faction demands that the government should fulfill its promise and fully fund the EMS throughout the country, not in…

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Podoliak: Bill 5670-d is the only one giving the Ukrainian language a proper status of the state language

MP representing the Samopomich faction is calling on her colleagues to stop the language issue speculation. She stated this when…

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Sysoyenko: The problem of funding for the emergency medical care requires an immediate resolution

During a briefing in parliament, MP Iryna Sysoyenko of the Samopomich parliamentary faction called on the government to address the…

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Sotnyk: Protection of civil society activists from the terror of the authorities is a matter of principle

Social activists demand an immediate public report by the Prosecutor General and the Minister of the Interior, as well as…

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Semenukha: Adoption of the law on state language is a test of maturity, of readiness to make fateful historic decisions

During the morning session today, deputies have considered 4 language bills, the adoption of which should fill the vacuum formed…

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Sadovyi condemned the attack on Serhiy Husovskyi, the ex-member of the Samopomich party

“The events that took place today in the Kyiv City Council are shameful. We are expecting not only the arrest…

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The parliament has taken a step towards launching sanctions against those engaged in anti-Ukrainian propaganda

The Verkhovna Rada adopted Resolution #9157, which creates the prerequisites for the imposition of sanctions by the Council of National…

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Taras Pastukh: Everyone who voted for the special status is actually accomplices of militants Givi and Motorola

“The extension of the law on the special status of Donbas means an amnesty for those who killed and are…

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Syroyid: We must create standards of the state language

On Thursday, October 4, the Verkhovna Rada will consider four bills on language. According to the Vice Speaker of the…

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