Regional gas distribution companies are blackmailing condominiums

Today, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, I spoke about the blackmail of condominiums on the part of…

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(УКР) За мову – не проти мов

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Aliona Babak: Do we lack laws or a good government that would implement them?

“The government tells us that we are constantly criticizing the authorities. So let’s not criticize, but think critically – the…

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Soboliev: The leadership of the special services will have to explain how come Ukraine’s second-ranking intelligence officer owns millions of dollars

Samopomich deputy Yehor Soboliev is demanding an immediate report from the leaders of the special security services on the illegal…

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Bereziuk: It is wrong to solve the problems of education at the expense of education itself

The chairman of the Samopomich parliamentary faction demands from the government to put an end to the actual destruction of…

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Sotnyk: Extension of the law on special status is not a decision in the interests of Ukraine

Samopomich will not support the decision on extending the action of the law on a special procedure of local self-government…

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Samopomich submitted its proposals to the draft State Budget for 2019

Among the main priorities, there are: Medicine We insist on putting an end to incomplete reforms and providing funds for…

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Syroyid: We are witnessing the revenge of Russia and the consequences of inaction of the authorities

In fact, we have been witnessing Russia’s revenge since 2014, says Vice Speaker of the Parliament Oksana Syroyid. According to…

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Oksana Syroyid: Regulation of the state language is part of the sovereignty of the state

In 27 years of independence, Ukraine has not been able to regulate the standards of the state language. This has…

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“While covering a huge deficit, the government keeps getting into the pockets of local communities” – Samopomich

According to the head of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, the government is trying to hide…

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