Semenukha: The President and the Prime Minister’s imitation of the feat in Smila testifies to the unpreparedness to govern the state

“It is wrong to blame it all on the mayor, who did not want to succumb to the Presidential Administration,”…

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“When it is already cold, one must immediately turn on the heating, and only then start deciding who is to blame” – Andriy Sadovyi

The Lviv city mayor and the leader of the Samopomich Union, Andriy Sadovyi, sharply criticized the government’s reluctance to address…

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Tetiana Ostrikova: Government’s new fiscal fantasies

The Cabinet of Ministers offers the Verkhovna Rada to increase the tax base of the unified social tax in the…

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The government is having second thoughts about using the money from the “special confiscation” to step up the country’s defence

Apartments for the police instead of stepping up the defence. The government is going to spend 2 billion hryvnias, which…

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Upheaval in Hlukhiv: Attempts to remove Samopomich’s deputy from the post of the city council’s Secretary

On November 12, Olena Demysheva, secretary of the Hlukhiv city council, who is now acting as the head of the…

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Heat payments reduced by 20-30% – a fairy tale? Actually, a reality for many residents of Cherkasy!

Today I had a busy day in Cherkasy. In the morning, I met with employees of the local heating company…

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Ruslan Sydorovych: The government has driven local self-government into a corner

The responsibility for the absence of heating in Smila (Cherkasy region) and Shepetivka (Khmelnytskyi region) lies with the government, and…

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“Is there a middle class in Ukraine?” – Tetiana Ostrikova

“From the standpoint of an active civil position, Ukrainians do not want to be cogs in a machine, they want…

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