Bereziuk: “The future parliament must destroy the law “On the special status of Donbas”

Despite the inaction of the previous government, the Ukrainian state survived only thanks to its people and is functioning now…

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Syroyid: Samopomich has been always defending the interests of Ukraine and will continue doing so

The revenge of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine did not start recently, as some politicians say, but back in April…

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Samopomich insists on protecting corruption exposers

While 25% of the funds confiscated from corrupt officials should be donated to the construction of hospitals, schools and kindergartens….

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Samopomich supports the Declaration on the Protection of Freedom of Speech in Ukraine

On behalf of the Samopomich party, the leader of Samopomich Union, Andriy Sadovyi, publicly promised to protect freedom of speech…

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“Ukraine loses at least 100 billion hryvnias every year because of the scheme with taxes” – Sadovyi

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, calls the Ukrainian Customs the “black hole” of the budget. “If the money that…

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Sadovyi: “Ukrainians want peace, but not the “Russian” one”

The Minsk agreements are a capitulation for our state. And whatever is offered by Russia is a lie and a…

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“The law on lustration is the only thing left after the Revolution of Dignity” – Sadovyi

The abolition of the law on lustration is beneficial to Muraiev, Boiko and other ex-regionals, who cannot hold public office…

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Sadovyi suggests nationalizing or revoking the licenses of Medvechuk’s TV channels

“If we keep turning a blind eye to Medvedchuk’s buying up television channels, it might get too late soon.” When…

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