“Ukrainian peasants must be full-fledged owners of their lands” – Sadovyi

Samopomich supports the opening of a land market with the permission to buy land provided only to Ukrainian citizens and…

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Samopomich suggests paying 100,000 hryvnias for the birth of a child

Every year a million people leave Ukraine. Samopomich leader Andriy Sadovyi is convinced that it is a matter of national…

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“The first NATO standard is the dignity of a soldier” – Sadovyi

What are the Ukrainian military coming back from the war with? How does the state thank them? According to the…

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Sadovyi calls on Zelenskyi to present a vision of the country’s development

Ukraine must demonstrate an extraordinary leap; otherwise, we may disappear from the world map. This opinion was expressed at the…

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Sadovyi: “Crimes must entail punishment, not just lustration”

According to the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, today there are attempts to replace justice with lustration. Meanwhile, it is…

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“Digital broadcasting in Ukraine is being controlled by the company created by Yanukovych” – Sadovyi

Today the Ukrainian state has no actual influence on digital broadcasting. This is done by a private company “Zeonbud”, which…

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A quarter of taxes on education and competitive salaries for teachers: Sadovyi presented Samopomich’s program in the field of education

“The number of school leavers who decide to study abroad is increasing every year. Why? Because there is no corruption…

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“Laws on special status and amnesty violate 26 articles of the Constitution”

Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of parliament, calls on her fellow MPs to sign a constitutional appeal for recognizing the laws…

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