Semenukha: We must break the Soviet social security system in which there is no place for a person

The parliament has approved a draft law on social guarantees, which provides for the reform of the institute of social…

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Andriy Sadovyi took part in the ceremony in memory of the mayor of Gdansk Paweł Adamowicz

“Andriy Sadovyi flew to Gdansk for a couple of hours to bow his head to our President along with thousands…

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The headquarters of Andriy Sadovyi managed to restore his YouTube channel

On January 18, YouTube channel of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi resumed its work and is now available to all…

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Samopomich: the parliamentary majority has once again postponed the bills that simplify access to the Internet for Ukrainians and increase the number of jobs

Today, the Verkhovna Rada should have considered a block of innovative bills on electronic communications, public electronic registries and the…

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Sotnyk: For as long as MPs only care about their own future in the parliament, this country will have no future

The Verkhovna Rada has appointed 30 scholarships for the most talented young scientists in the amount of 2 thousand hryvnias…

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Podoliak: Politicians should not interfere in church life; they should only create opportunities and then step away

The Verkhovna Rada has voted for the draft law No. 4128-D on changing the subordination of religious communities. This law…

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Voitsitska: Elections 2019 will be our civilizational choice. We can either enrich the oligarchs again or make a responsible choice

The presidential campaign, which has begun in Ukraine, will be one of the dirtiest ever since the independence of Ukraine….

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Voitsitska: Our men at the front get 0.001% of the salaries received by the management of Naftogaz. Where is justice?

The salaries of the Naftogaz management should have been long reviewed. The high salaries and bonuses of the leadership of…

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Mishel Tereshchenko: Poroshenko has sold the Sumy region to the pro-Russian forces

“There is a feeling that the residents of Hlukhiv live under occupation.” Mayor of Hlukhiv in the Sumy region, Mishel…

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Podoliak: The state should get it over with the issue of formation of the single local Orthodox Church in Ukraine

The Committee of Culture and Spirituality reviewed and supported by a majority vote the text of the draft law on…

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