Sadovyi told how wood turns into round timber at customs

Officially, in 2017, Ukraine exported 2 million tons of wood. However, according to statistics from the customs of foreign countries,…

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Voitsitska: Reforms will be there once people learn to trust the government and the state

When answering the question of journalists regarding the system of monetization of subsidies, MP Viktoriia Voitsitska from the Samopomich Union…

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Soboliev: Sadovyi has every chance to spread the success of Lviv throughout the whole country

Andriy Sadovyi is the most prepared presidential candidate of Ukraine among other candidates for this position. This is emphasized by…

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We protect the right of apartment buildings to electricity at fair rates

On January 11, following a powerful wave of protests by condominiums, the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and…

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Romanova urged the Kyiv City Council to fix a unified tourist tax for foreign and domestic tourists

On January 31, MP Anna Romanova from the Samopomich Union faction spoke at a meeting of the Kyiv City Council…

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Oksana Syroyid: Taxes must be paid in Ukraine and fairly redistributed

“Ukraine’s budget today is of the size of Berlin’s budget,” says Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroyid. She explains, “Why do we live…

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“National Agency for Prevention of Corruption has failed the verification of electronic declarations. We need to launch the process all over again” – Sadovyi

“Today’s NAPC team needs to be completely renewed. They had one main task – to verify all electronic declarations for…

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“Lviv residents live longer due to preventive actions” – Sadovyi

From January 1, 2020, medical workers will receive a salary equal to 250% of the national average. As stated by…

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Sadovyi invites Hrytsenko to public debates

Andriy Sadovyi is launching a series of public thematic debates with other presidential candidates from the democratic camp. Anatoliy Hrytsenko,…

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“High-quality vocational education is only possible when the state understands the importance of production” – Sadovyi

“For whom are Ukrainian vocational schools training specialists if production is not developing in the country?” Candidate for the post…

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