Sotnyk: The government is ignoring the needs of young people, stimulating migration and the outflow of personnel

Young people leaving Ukraine is a big threat not only for the state but also for the economy of Ukraine….

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Romanova: Instead of solving the problems of young people, the parliament passes lobbying and populist bills

Various legislative initiatives of this parliament concerning youth have been either killed because they were included on the agenda on…

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Bereziuk: The decision to dismiss Suprun is an attempt to return the pharmacological mafia and oligarchic power in the Ministry of Health

The decision by which the District Administrative Court of Kyiv temporarily prohibited Uliana Suprun to be an acting Minister of…

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Sydorovych: One cannot solve the tariff increase issue by blocking the rostrum

“We have no right to turn the tariff issue into a farce and means of promotion of certain persons,” said…

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Samopomich announced the economic agenda of this session

On February 5, the last session of the Verkhovna Rada before the Presidential elections began its work. According to MP…

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Sydorovych: Electoral Code is ready for the second reading

A member of the working group on the preparation of the Electoral Code for the second reading, MP Ruslan Sydorovych…

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“Ukrainian format” – Sadovyi offered an alternative to the Minsk agreements

The Budapest Memorandum is not being implemented, although Ukraine had been deprived of nuclear weapons. The Norman format involves in…

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Zubach: The people of Ukraine deserve a much more professional and decent government than the one they have today

The Samopomich faction demands to immediately introduce for the parliament’s consideration the issue of extraordinary elections in those communities where…

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Tetiana Ostrikova demands the government to intervene in the situation at the customs posts

According to MP Tatiana Ostrikova, a member of the Samopomich Union parliamentary faction, it is necessary to consider prolonging the…

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