What does Samopomich offer for business? Tax on withdrawn capital, new labour law and reduction of tax pressure

Yesterday, Samopomich deputies, authorized representatives of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi – Tetiana Ostrikova and Roman Semenukha – took part…

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Bereziuk: We have two candidates in the presidential elections – the oligarchy and Sadovyi

Oleh Bereziuk, “If we treat elections irresponsibly, then those who take care of themselves only will come to power.” People…

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Danchenko: Instead of indulging in populism MPs should be supporting the digitalization of Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has voted for the unified state register of war veterans. However, in the opinion of Samopomich deputy…

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Sotnyk: Once we have an army consistent with NATO standards – the alliance will call us itself

The Verkhovna Rada has appealed to the leaders of the NATO countries asking to provide Ukraine with an action plan…

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Podoliak: Ukrainian space must be marked with Ukrainian symbols

“Today the parliament has adopted the only correct and rational decision – to send a bill on the renaming of…

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Sotnyk: Russia is a key threat of external interference into electoral processes in Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted a draft law providing for a ban on the participation of Russian observers in Ukrainian…

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Bereziuk: What the President is proposing today is his election campaign, a declaration of declarations written in the Constitution

“It’s a shame that the Ukrainian oligarchic power today has the impertinence to use the basic law of the country…

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Voitsitska: The state must finally come to the defence of our constitutional rights to a clean environment

Rinat Akhmetov, who, thanks to the Rotterdam+ formula among other things, annually earns hundreds of millions of dollars from his…

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In 2018, it was Sadovyi who spoke the truth the most – VoxChek

The fact-checking project VoxCheck verified the 2018 statements of state leaders and politicians who are leading in sociological polls before…

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Sotnyk: No one can forbid a person to come out to protest in order to voice their position

In the near future, a draft law on the removal from the Ukrainian legislation of an article establishing punishment for…

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