“Along with the renewal of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, it is necessary to throw out all the rogue judges as well” – Sadovyi

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi has supported the justice reform agenda, which was presented by leading public organizations. During the meeting,…

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Sadovyi announced his candidacies for the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Defence

Presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi presented his candidate for the post of Prosecutor General – Vice Speaker of the Parliament Oksana…

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Tame Samopomich in exchange for removing garbage from Lviv: what was offered to Sadovyi at the Presidential Administration (agreement)

Lviv city mayor, Ukrainian presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi made public the agreement he was offered to sign in exchange for…

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Babak: The government must immediately inform people about the possibility of using 3.2 billion hryvnias of budget money through the Energy Efficiency Fund

Samopomich is asking the government when the Cabinet of Ministers will inform the citizens of Ukraine about the operation of…

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“Draft laws on hostels that are being considered by the parliament are highly relevant, but they need to be finalized for the second reading” – Aliona Babak

The Verkhovna Rada has started considering bills 10006 and 10006-1 on the settlement of the issue of hostels in apartment…

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What does Samopomich offer for business? Tax on withdrawn capital, new labour law and reduction of tax pressure

Yesterday, Samopomich deputies, authorized representatives of the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi – Tetiana Ostrikova and Roman Semenukha – took part…

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Bereziuk: We have two candidates in the presidential elections – the oligarchy and Sadovyi

Oleh Bereziuk, “If we treat elections irresponsibly, then those who take care of themselves only will come to power.” People…

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Danchenko: Instead of indulging in populism MPs should be supporting the digitalization of Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has voted for the unified state register of war veterans. However, in the opinion of Samopomich deputy…

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Sotnyk: Once we have an army consistent with NATO standards – the alliance will call us itself

The Verkhovna Rada has appealed to the leaders of the NATO countries asking to provide Ukraine with an action plan…

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