Sotnyk: No one can forbid a person to come out to protest in order to voice their position

In the near future, a draft law on the removal from the Ukrainian legislation of an article establishing punishment for…

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The community of the Rivne region demands from the government and Vice Prime Minister Zubko to deliver on the promise to repair roads

Every seventh resident of the Nemovytska community in the Rivne region has signed an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers…

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Sotnyk: We can even write a separate Criminal Code for fraud in the elections, but as long as the police, the prosecutor’s office and the courts do not work effectively, there will be no changes

“Historically, the police, the prosecutor’s office, and the courts have been used in Ukraine in all elections – perhaps, with…

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The government might launch another round of under-monetization of subsidies

The government might launch another round of under-monetization of subsidies. This is unacceptable. People should receive subsidies directly in form…

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Romanova: The government must not manipulate the garbage issue – people’s lives depend on it

MP Anna Romanova of the Samopomich faction pays attention to the fact that, under Ukrainian realities, poor ecology can be…

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Babak: People must be protected in the time of reforms implementation

Samopomich demands the government to immediately inform the population about the use of the Energy Efficiency Fund money, of the…

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Sotnyk: The government is ignoring the needs of young people, stimulating migration and the outflow of personnel

Young people leaving Ukraine is a big threat not only for the state but also for the economy of Ukraine….

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Romanova: Instead of solving the problems of young people, the parliament passes lobbying and populist bills

Various legislative initiatives of this parliament concerning youth have been either killed because they were included on the agenda on…

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Bereziuk: The decision to dismiss Suprun is an attempt to return the pharmacological mafia and oligarchic power in the Ministry of Health

The decision by which the District Administrative Court of Kyiv temporarily prohibited Uliana Suprun to be an acting Minister of…

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Sydorovych: One cannot solve the tariff increase issue by blocking the rostrum

“We have no right to turn the tariff issue into a farce and means of promotion of certain persons,” said…

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