Sadovyi calls cancellation of the punishment for illegal enrichment a fraud

“Top officials from Poroshenko’s entourage feel the power slipping away from their hands and so they are trying to avoid…

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(УКР) Вільний ринок землі та 6 основних міфів

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Sydorovych: The decision of the Constitutional Court is a bad signal for the society and Western partners

Samopomich’s deputy Ruslan Sydorovych believes that the Constitutional Court’s recognition of the article 368-2 of the Criminal Code as unconstitutional…

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The Ministry of Defence ignored Samopomich 2016 report on embezzlement in the army

“The reaction of the authorities to the scandal with “Ukroboronprom” is very anxious. In Europe, such a scandal would have…

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“In any country of the world, such an investigation would be a reason for impeachment” – Sadovyi

However, there is simply no real procedure in Ukraine.” Candidate for the post of president of Ukraine Andriy Sadovyi commented…

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Syroyid: Isn’t it actually in the interests of Russia to plunder the army that is at war with it?

Deputies from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc are blocking the creation of any investigative commission and even any talks about the…

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Using others: Presidential scheme in “Ukroboronprom” defence complex

According to MP Taras Pastukh from the Samopomich parliamentary faction, who himself has been a participant in the Anti-Terrorist Operation,…

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The coalition is trying to kill the work of the provisional investigatory commission in the case of attacks on public activists

The Speaker of the parliament Andriy Parubiy is not submitting to the parliament the report on the work of the…

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“Poroshenko’s indexation of pensions is a direct bribing of voters” – Roman Semenukha

Increased payments to pensioners in March and April are nothing more than bribing people. This was stated by MP Roman…

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Bereziuk: The highest official of the country and the National Security and Defence Council are engaged in corruption built on the bones of people in the army

“There is no point in working in this room until the President appears here and tells us why the National…

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