Sotnyk: These are not activists who should expose the corruption of the authorities while risking their lives! This must be done by law enforcement agencies!

The Verkhovna Rada prolonged the activities of the provisional investigatory commission (PIC) on investigating the information about the attacks on…

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Members of the parliament’s Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex threatening the stability of electricity prices in Ukraine

The meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex is ongoing. A draft law 8449d on…

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“We are awaiting the latest data that will be decisive for further actions” – Sadovyi on the possibility of unification

“When deciding to run in the elections, I was well aware of the desire of Ukrainians to have a single…

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Yehor Soboliev: Today is a holiday for corrupt officials

Analysing the decision of the Constitutional Court on the abolition of the article of the Criminal Code providing punishment for…

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Soboliev: It was the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Shevchuk who pushed through the decision to cancel the article on punishment for illegal enrichment

According to the information of MP Yehor Soboliev, it is the head of the Constitutional Court Stanislav Shevchuk who stands…

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Viktoriia Voitsitska: We cannot let “green” energy become another honeypot for oligarchs

Despite the fact that “green” energy is actively developing in Europe, in Ukraine, this industry has become a platform for…

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Olena Sotnyk: Even our Western partners are talking about corruption in “Ukroboronprom”

“For Samopomich, this is no surprise, after all, we have been insisting for three years that there is corruption in…

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Sadovyi calls cancellation of the punishment for illegal enrichment a fraud

“Top officials from Poroshenko’s entourage feel the power slipping away from their hands and so they are trying to avoid…

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(УКР) Вільний ринок землі та 6 основних міфів

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian.

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Sydorovych: The decision of the Constitutional Court is a bad signal for the society and Western partners

Samopomich’s deputy Ruslan Sydorovych believes that the Constitutional Court’s recognition of the article 368-2 of the Criminal Code as unconstitutional…

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