Semenukha: Voting results are a verdict for Petro Poroshenko’s presidency

On March 31, Petro Poroshenko received a red card from the Ukrainians, said Samopomich’s deputy Roman Semenukha: “The voting results…

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Soboliev: People need to learn from oligarchs how to push through their candidates

According to MP Yehor Soboliev, the second round is a difficult task for the current President Poroshenko; it might be…

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“If you want to vote for the future, ask your children and grandchildren” – Sadovyi

The family of the leader of Samopomich, mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, have voted in the election of the President…

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Samopomich will rate its candidates for parliamentary elections on the basis of an “open list” principle

The principle of open lists, for which the parliament fails to vote, will be used by the Samopomich Union Party…

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(УКР) Скільки в Україні туристів

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(УКР) Чому “Укрзалізниця” приречена

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Voitsitska: Ukrainian subsoil should work to the benefit of Ukrainians, not the fraudsters from the authorities

Following the petition of a Samopomich deputy Viktoriia Voitsitska, the NABU launched a pre-trial investigation regarding the actions of officials…

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Danchenko: The Cabinet must publish the contract with Koboliev on its website

“Transparent public administration and publication of not only the Koboliev contract but also the contracts with the heads of all…

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Romanova: If we want to compete with someone, we must create the same or better conditions. So far, we have worse conditions!

Instead of developing Ukrainian international educational tourism – the industry, which showed a 13% growth last year and which can…

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Olena Sotnyk is the first Ukrainian female scholarship holder of the global leaders program 2019 at Yale University

For the first time, a female representative of Ukraine, a member of the Ukrainian parliament from the Samopomich faction, Olena…

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