Bereziuk: The country and its citizens should not be dependent on the wisdom or stupidity of one person

“Today there is a choice without a choice. People massively voted against unscrupulous fraud in power. This is the reality…

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Romanova urged Ukrzaliznytsia to promote Ukrainian cities instead of Hawaii

As it is known, Ukrainian Intercity high-speed trains have TVs inside their cars, where funny videos are shown, in particular,…

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“We do not choose a monarch” – Samopomich presented a draft law on the President of Ukraine

Today, the position of President is very much desirable in Ukrainian politics. At the same time, the President of Ukraine…

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Soboliev: When citizens find out that their President has suddenly become 1.5 billion richer this smells fishy

Electronic declarations are a very convenient tool for citizens to identify corrupt officials. MP Yehor Soboliev from the Samopomich Union…

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Sydorovych: Think, analyse and then, in the parliamentary elections, choose those who will take care of the state

Zelenskyi’s victory in the first round of the presidential election is not a reason to take sedatives, it is not…

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I demand that the Ministry of Health speed up the adoption of the Sanitary Regulations

More than 500 schoolchildren have been poisoned with E. coli bacteria, nitrates or mould fungi in school canteens since the…

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Voitsitska: There are concerns that various schemes might be used in the parliamentary election

Commenting on the possible non-recognition of the results of the presidential election in Ukraine by the State Duma of the…

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Voitsitska: Ukrainians brandished the red card to the current government

In the first round of the presidential elections, Ukrainians brandished the red card to the current government. This was stated…

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Syroyid: People choose as they feel. The authorities can blame themselves only

The preliminary results of the first round of presidential elections, according to which Petro Poroshenko significantly lags behind Volodymyr Zelenskyi,…

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The night of fire before the day of silence: Kolomyia deputy representing Samopomich had his car set on fire

Overnight into Saturday, March 30, in the village of Nizhniy Verbizh of Kolomyia district in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, unidentified persons…

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