Bereziuk: The top authorities of the country are covering criminals who serve them

The Verkhovna Rada must adopt the draft law “On the President of Ukraine” developed by representatives of the Samopomich Union…

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Semenukha: Instead of watching a competition of ideas and programs, Ukrainians have to endure a battle of medical examinations

“For more than a week, Ukrainians have been watching the competition of superficiality. Instead of presenting competing ideas, programs, algorithms…

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Oksana Syroyid: The President is an institution, not a person

In this presidential election, we have a situation in which the majority of Ukrainians are ready to vote for absolute…

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The leadership of Ukraine poses a threat to the fulfilment of our international obligations

Who needs enemies with friends like these? Poroshenko and his administration were supposed to launch a competition for the position…

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Romanova criticized the current State Airport Development Program

When analysing the State Program for the Development of Airports for the period up to 2023, which was approved by…

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Ostrikova: The position of the President today is above the law

MP Tetiana Ostrikova notes that the position of the President of Ukraine is so alluring and promising today because it…

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Syroyid: 30% of people are so disappointed with the current state of things that they are ready to play roulette

Commenting on the preliminary results of the first round of presidential elections and Petro Poroshenko’s support rate, the Deputy Speaker…

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How to eliminate the dualism of authorities and make them accountable to the people – Oksana Syroyid

The Constitution of 1996 provided for the dualism of the executive branch – there is the President and the Prime…

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Aliona Babak: Energy and ecology also mean national security, of which the President has forgotten. So we have to remind him about them

Chasing higher ratings, Petro Poroshenko has forgotten that he is still the President and therefore is in charge of the…

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Oleksandr Danchenko: ARMA is nor the only one to blame. Searches should be carried out also in the structures that covered illegal takeovers

On April 3, NABU detectives conducted searches in the Agency for Asset Search and Management (ARMA). Employees of the agency…

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