Soboliev: Ukraine made a huge mistake when once it did nothing more but changed the name of KGB into Security Service of Ukraine

There are two solutions to correct the situation in the media landscape of Ukraine, in particular, to cleanse it from…

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“Samopomich Union” official position on the law on special confiscation

“Samopomich Union” faction believes that in order to protect the rights of private property and the bona fide owners some…

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Oleh Bereziuk: Inside and outside forces are pushing Ukraine to betray its national interests

Pushing Ukraine to implement the political part of the Minsk agreements and recognize the special status for Donbas can lead…

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Semen Semenchenko: We will not let sling mud at volunteers and falsify cases

MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Semen Semenchenko, was reinstated in the military rank. The corresponding decision was made by the…

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Iryna Sysoyenko, “It is necessary to ensure decent salaries for non-medical staff of medical emergency teams”

In medical emergency teams both medical workers and drivers play an important role, because a person’s life depends not only…

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