Aliona Babak: Residents must be provided with individual gas meters, rather than communal ones

In many cities of Ukraine a tense situation with the installation of household gas meters has come about. Since the…

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Andriy Zhurzhiy striving to confirm the fact of the tax militia’s termination of powers since January 1, 2017

An action against the Administrative Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine filed by a Samopomich MP, Andriy Zhurzhiy, is…

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Head of the Dnipro Samopomich attacked last night

Overnight into January 31, leader of the Samopomich Union faction in Dnipro city council, Artem Khmelnykov, was attacked. Offenders attacked…

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Samopomich deputies in Odesa region prevented excessive bonuses for local top officials

Recently, Chornomorsk city council considered a decision on increasing salaries of its leadership by 100-200%. This was supposed to be…

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Lev Pidlisetskyi: Evaluation of the blockade from the perspective of energy industry

Among the goods that are transferred to and from the occupied territories there are products of different purposes. Among them…

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Sword of Damocles hanging over the social insurance system

In the framework of the reform of social insurance system in Ukraine and optimization of the existing social security funds,…

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The story of one book (in memory of Myron Pidlisetskyi)

At the end of the last year a curios event happened in my life. I wrote a post about it…

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