Aliona Babak: The state is being deprived of its management of “Naftogaz Ukraine” company

In recent months, the working group on speeding up the reform of “Naftogaz Ukraine”, which is chaired by Deputy Prime…

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Choosing a family doctor: 10 facts about the primary health care reform

The basic principle of choosing the doctor is any person’s free choice. Depending on how much a person is satisfied…

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“Samopomich” calling on deputies to adopt the bill “On Russian responsibility for the aggression and occupation of the territory of Ukraine”

Avdiivka became yet another conclusive proof of the fact that Russia does not care a darn about all the international…

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Subscribe to the “Samopomich Union” newspaper for free

Samopomich Union offers Ukrainians the opportunity to subscribe to its newspaper and receive it twice a month in their mailbox….

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Myths and truth about hospital districts, – Iryna Sysoyenko

In the formation of hospital districts the principle of “do no harm” should be paramount. We have been in need…

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Andriy Zhurzhiy: We cannot delay creation of the financial police any more

We need to make use of the fact that following the amendments to the legislation the tax militia turned to…

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Taras Pastukh: In the third year of war Ukraine must finally stop financing terrorism through purchasing coal from the so called certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions

“In the third year of the war, which continues to kill our soldiers, the Ukrainian government must finally stop financing…

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Law on the state language: to accept the reality

The Constitution of Ukraine specifies the Ukrainian language as the only official language in Ukraine, so the state is obliged…

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Paraskeviya Dvorianyn: I do not understand the deputies who in their desire to pressurize Samopomich sacrifice the interests of the communities

Some forces are trying to establish control over the competition of local development micro-projects. Deputies gave their 51 votes to…

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