“Small and medium-sized business should have easy access to public procurement” – Serhiy Kiral

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe at its session on Tuesday adopted a resolution on combating the manifestations…

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(УКР) Як оформити біометричний паспорт

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Terror against our own people – read in the new issue of the “Samopomich” newspaper

Read in the “Samopomich Union” newspaper dated April 21: – Terror against our own people. The problem of disproportionate use…

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Samopomich demands to stop the sabotage of the cheap air transportation market development in Ukraine

Samopomich Union demands the leadership of the Ukraine International Airlines, which are still owned by oligarch Kolomoiskyi, to stop sabotaging…

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What will Ukraine be like if a woman becomes president? “Women in politics” forum took place

What should women do in the crisis periods of history, how to act in conflict situations, and what advantages do…

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Recognition of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine at the international level is impossible without the recognition of this occupation by Ukraine itself – Samopomich

On April 19, the International Court of Justice delivered a judgement on the demand of Ukraine to apply preventive measures…

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Anna Romanova: “Visa-free regime is not a panacea; we must build a successful country here”

As for the visa-free regime, I would like to voice some, perhaps unpopular, but honest things. The side effects of…

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