“Open lists” in Ivano-Frankivsk region: Who will represent the region on the Samopomich list?

On Sunday, May 19, a general meeting of the Samopomich Union members was held in the Ivano-Frankivsk party organization. According…

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“Why is there no tax on withdrawn capital among the priorities of the government’s work?” – asks Tetiana Ostrikova

According to MP Tetiana Ostrikova, who is a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy, today…

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“Open lists” in the “home” region: who will represent Lviv region on the Samopomich list?

On Saturday, May 18, a general meeting of the Samopomich Union party members was held in Lviv. Members of the…

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Donetsk region, Kharkiv region, Ternopil region and Kyiv region voted on the basis of Samopomich’s “open lists”

Today, four regional organizations of the Samopomich Union party held a general meeting of party members to form the party…

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“For as long as we live in illusions – including the illusions of the anti-Putin coalition – Ukraine will be assaulted” – Serhiy Kiral

“Europe is ready to forgive Russia’s annexation of Crimea and military aggression against neighbouring countries, interference in internal affairs and…

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Samopomich calls on the government to hold an off-site meeting in the Luhansk region

Behind the endless talks of people’s deputies about early elections and disputes over the date of the inauguration of the…

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“Samopomich does not intend to enter into any negotiations regarding new unions” – Sadovyi

Leader of the Samopomich Union party, Andriy Sadovyi, called the “Narodnyi Front” faction’s exit from the parliamentary coalition an indecent…

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Syroyid: “The elimination of the coalition is the former coalition members’ attempt to remain in power”

On May 17, the coalition ceased to exist in the Verkhovna Rada – “Narodnyi Front” faction announced its withdrawal from…

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Semenukha: “Without a real alternative to Russian goods, mirror-image sanctions will be ineffective against Russia”

This was stated by the deputy of the Samopomich Union faction on the air of a Ukrainian TV channels, when…

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Sadovyi: “I do not believe in the effectiveness of this parliament”

The longer this parliament remains, the more bad things for Ukraine it will do. This position was expressed by the…

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