“Ukrainian entrepreneurs must unite to protect business and prevent illegal capture of enterprises” – Ivan Miroshnichenko

During the international grain conference “Grain Ukraine”, which was held in Odesa, deputy of the Samopomich faction in the parliament,…

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Boryspil’s refusal automatically shuts down the flight prospects of Ryanair in Lviv as well – Kiral

Negotiations with Ryanair began in Lviv back in 2011; in 2012, there were already first visits and meetings with the…

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“If the Speaker of the parliament wants to accuse the MPs of their not willing to work, this is a very bad game,” Yehor Soboliev

Commenting on the statement of the Speaker of the parliament, Andriy Parubiy, on the possible continuation of the Verkhovna Rada…

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Iryna Sysoyenko: Medicine reform should be voted for on Thursday

During the last week the working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care has been preparing bill #6327 “On…

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Yehor Soboliev: Do not go against your own people. You will inevitably fail

As early as on Tuesday, the parliament has to consider the issue of removing the immunity of MPs in respect…

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“Do you want another Kholodnyi Yar?” – Oleh Bereziuk to the heads of the factions and the chairman of the parliament

There are rights that have been undeniable and inalienable at all times – people’s rights to life, freedom, property. This…

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“The least the government and parliament can do is to give people pensions, cancel the tax, introduce an audit, and launch a national registry” – Roman Semenukha

Samopomich Union faction has registered in the parliament a bill on issues of pension provision for Ukrainians, which is alternative…

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There is no internal conflict in Ukraine – there are Russia’s Armed Forces that invaded us – Ostrikova

In Minsk, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has considered two resolutions that refer to Russia’s aggressive actions against Ukraine, the illegal…

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“Healthcare reform should be voted for during the last parliamentary week” – Iryna Sysoyenko

People’s deputy representing Samopomich Union faction, Iryna Sysoyenko, participated in the working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care…

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“We should be apprehensive of behind-the-scenes arrangements concerning Ukraine without the participation of Ukraine itself at the G20 summit” – Olena Sotnyk

Today, during the G20 summit in Hamburg, a meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia is taking…

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