Bereziuk: “Unpunished evil returns. An example of this is the situation with a tent in Kharkiv”

Commenting on the appeal of the Kharkiv mayor, Hennadiy Kernes, to support the petition on removing the tent collecting aid…

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Oleh Bereziuk: “The government wants to keep everything the way it is – a swamp in which oligarchic forces croak”

The Verkhovna Rada must abolish the parliamentary immunity as soon as possible and adopt a law on elections on a…

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Open lists in action: How Samopomich will form the list for parliamentary elections

“It is not Sadovyi to determine who will get what place on the list; these will be ordinary party members…

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From Monday on, Samopomich starts forming the list for parliamentary elections

May 13 through May 27, the regional centres of the Samopomich Union party will carry out a ranking of the…

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Sadovyi elected Samopomich leader for another 3 years

The corresponding decision was supported by the delegates of the party congress in connection with the termination of Andriy Sadovyi’s…

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Romanova: The authorities responsible for the bad mountain roads are the ones to be blamed for the tragedy in the Carpathian region

Regarding the tragedy with the Belarusian tourists and overturned UAZ in the Carpathian region. The way I see the situation….

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“More than 80% of the Samopomich parliamentary list will consist of fresh faces” – Sadovyi

The principle of “looking for new people” will continue to dominate in the Samopomich party. This was announced by its…

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Sadovyi announced his readiness to fight for the post of Prime Minister

And to head the list of Samopomich Union at the upcoming parliamentary elections. He informed his fellow party members about…

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Samopomich submitted its financial report for the first quarter and 2019 to the National Corruption Prevention Agency

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, Samopomich Union political party has submitted its report on property, incomes, expenses,…

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Bereziuk: The sooner the President starts working, the sooner he will assume responsibility for what he promised

“The first exchange of opinions,” the leader of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, commented on the meeting of the…

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