Sysoyenko: “Ambulances should be running not only on Hroisman’s billboards, but to each and every patient”

Samopomich deputy Iryna Sysoyenko demands from the government to implement the laws on medical reform adopted by the parliament. In…

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Romanova: “Instead of protecting tourists, the government is protecting dishonest travel companies”

A representative of the Samopomich faction, Anna Romanova, demands from the Ministry of Economic Development a real control over unscrupulous…

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Syroyid: “Samopomich has always been the only one to advocate for open lists”

“So many people shouting about open lists from the parliamentary rostrum. However, when there are closed meetings, there is not…

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Bereziuk: “Hroisman’s so-called resignation is a farce, which is covered by the government’s robbery of the budget”

Commenting on Verkhovna Rada’s consideration of Volodymyr Hroisman’s resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, Oleh Bereziuk, Chairman…

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