Oleh Bereziuk: The trial of Serhiy Kolmohorov is a symbol of humiliation of the dignity of the state in the person of a senior soldier

According to the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction, today we are witnessing a creeping preparation for the surrender of…

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Oksana Syroid: The loss of interest in the bill on reintegration proves that it has only been a cover-up for the prolonging of the special status

Samopomich Union deputies presented on 39 pages their amendments to the presidential bill on the reintegration of Donbas, which had…

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“Without the adoption of the order on the use of the Armed Forces 250,000 servicemen remain under threat” – Samopomich

On Thursday, November 2, the Supreme Specialized Court in Kyiv was to consider a cassation appeal of the border guard…

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Anti-corruption Initiatives of Samopomich on the equity participation allowed Ukraine to rise in Doing Business ranking

In the influential Doing Business-2018 business ranking, Ukraine climbed 4 positions upwards and ranked 76th, demonstrating the largest growth in…

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Danchenko: If we regulate lotteries and stakes, this will bring additional 6-7 billion to the budget every year

Throughout the world, lotteries are the main means of financing sports and culture. However, in Ukraine, unfortunately, this market is…

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Video: The State Budget-2018 as the government’s plan to rob communities

(УКР) “Цей бюджет становить загрозу для місцевих громад, а значить – і для людських грошей”, – Тетяна Острікова.

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125 candidates from the Samopomich Union will become deputies in the UTC – results of the simultaneous ballot counting

Yesterday, the first elections to the newly established community management bodies took place in 201 united territorial communities. According to…

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