The judicial reform is a profanation. People will be left with nothing – Samopomich

According to the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid, the events connected with the selection of candidates for…

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I see nothing and hear nothing. Officials turning a blind eye to VAT frauds

The main goal of the introduction of the system of blocking tax invoices was to stop VAT abusing. Everybody –…

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Voitsitska: National Commission for State regulation in Energy and Utilities is considering increasing the price of electricity by 15% in 2018

According to Samopomich MP, NCSREU is considering increasing the price of electricity for 2018 by 15%. The reason for this…

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Tetiana Ostrikova: The real support for cinematography should be manifested in direct subsidies to those who make Ukrainian movies

Today the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes under the pretentious title “On the Support of…

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“A battle for a new electoral system is won, but not a war yet” – Samopomich

On Tuesday, November 7, the Verkhovna Rada supported in the first reading the new Electoral Code, which provided, in particular,…

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Oleh Bereziuk: The new law will “spoil the oligarch’s game” and will give a chance to elect a better parliament than it is today

The Samopomich Union faction supported the law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists, drafted by Viktor Chumak…

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“Qualitative local managers have to resist the political and economic pressure of the despotic centre,” Oleh Bereziuk

It was the central government that tried to destroy the mayor of Mykolayiv Oleksandr Sienkevych – believes the chairman of…

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Danchenko: “How can one additionally tax the telecommunications and IT spheres which should develop?”

A few days ago, Samopomich MP, chairman of the parliamentary committee on Informatization and Communications Oleksandr Danchenko returned from a…

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Soboliev: Ukraine needs a court which will finally jail corrupt officials

The events of the past week when the National Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested the defendants in the case of embezzlement of…

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“There is no justice and there will be none. We must start all over again” – Oleh Bereziuk

During the parliamentary coordination board’s meeting, the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk drew attention to the mismatch…

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