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Iryna Sysoyenko to the government, “Take care of the emergency medical service! Otherwise people will be calling the Cabinet of Ministers instead of ringing for an ambulance”

Unless the government deals with the problem of the emergency medical service, soon Ukrainians will not need to know how…

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Will we have back the export VAT for oilseeds?

In recent months, the theme of “oilseed amendments” has become one of the most notable in the media environment of…

tags: Ivan Miroshnichenko
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“Almost 200 thousand Ukrainians cannot achieve the execution of judicial decisions”, – Ruslan Sydorovych

According to Samopomich MP Ruslan Sydorovych, almost 30 thousand Ukrainians have filed complaints with the European Court of Human Rights…

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The Cabinet lifts the moratorium on inspections for controlling bodies, – Kiral

We have not yet built a capable institutional state with the rule of law, we have not overcome corruption, have…

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The requirement for public activists to file their declarations is the revenge of the authorities for the disclosed fraudulent schemes, – the statement of the Samopomich faction

The requirement for public activists to submit their e-declarations is the revenge of the authorities for the disclosed fraudulent schemes…

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The expulsion of Russian diplomats is a belated and purely symbolic step, – the statement of the Samopomich faction

The expulsion of Russian diplomats from the territory of Ukraine is a correct, but belated and purely symbolic step. Russia…

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Corrupted judicial system lurked and had revenge upon the society

Voluntary dissolution of the Public Council of Virtue (PCV) has finally put an end to any illusions and our hopes…

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Ukraine might face sanctions from the Council of Europe because of non-enforcement of court decisions, – Sydorovych

Tomorrow at 12:00 in the Verkhovna Rada (5 Hrushevskoho St.), in conjunction with the Director General of Human Rights and…

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Chernivtsi inhabitants will collect signatures to recall six deputies of the city council

The voters’ meeting, which took place in Chernivtsi on March 24, supported the procedure for recalling the deputies of the…

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