Soboliev: SBU should conduct an investigation in relation to Murayev – then it will be possible to deprive him of his seat in the parliament and of his liberty

MP Yevhen Murayev of the Opposition Bloc is conducting pro-Russian propaganda and is working in the interests of the country…

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Serhiy Kiral: It’s high time we moved from symbolic actions to specific sanctions

The Verkhovna Rada supported the resolution, in which it appealed to the parliaments of foreign states, world leaders, members of…

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Ostrikova: Irresponsible mismanagement is the result of the work of the government in the sphere of tax, customs and budgetary policy

On Thursday, June 7, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Oleksandr Danyliuk. Samopomich did not support…

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Kyiv city council failed to vote on the establishment of the museum in Poshtova Square

On June 7, at a plenary session of the Kyiv city council, the deputies of the council did not support…

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Soboliev on the auditor of NABU: “There are great doubts that this person will be able to withstand the pressure”

The majority in the Verkhovna Rada appointed Ukrainian lawyer Volodymyr Vasylenko as a representative of the parliament in the commission…

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Samopomich requires official confirmation of the IMF and the Venice Commission concerning the approval of the text of amendments to the law on the Anti-Corruption Court

The Legal Committee of the parliament has just provided explanations about the amendments introduced into the draft law on the…

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“Awareness Day” held outside the Kyiv city council in support of the creation of a museum in Poshtova Square

On June 7, a public campaign called “Awareness Day” was held outside the building of the Kyiv city council in…

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It is possible that they will bring some new version of the bill, which no one has seen, and will say that whoever will not vote for it is an enemy – Oleh Bereziuk

The Samopomich Union faction insists that the final text of the draft law on the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court must be…

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Samopomich: Blood centres are being destroyed all over Ukraine

According to the head of the Samopomich faction in the parliament, Oleh Bereziuk, blood centres are being destroyed all over…

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Are the regions of Ukraine ready for the launch of the medical reform?

This was the topic of the today’s meeting of the Subcommittee on Monitoring the implementation of medical reform under the…

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