Oksana Syroyid: “The experience of relations with Russia gives strength for the cooperation between Ukraine and Poland”

These days, the Parliamentary Assembly of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland is taking place in Warsaw. The deputies of…

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Giving the people of Balakliya their peace back is the top priority, – Roman Semenukha

The people of Balakliya are now living in an anxious state of expectation of yet another emergency. People are afraid…

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Because of the inertia of the Ministry of Justice, the raiders were able to rob a plant

Since January 2017, LLC “New Energy-Saving Technologies” (LLC “NEST”) has been suffering from the attacks of raiders. It all started…

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The first stage of the housing and communal services reform begins on June 10

Starting from tomorrow, the owners of housing and non-residential premises will be able to independently, without the interference of authority,…

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Ostrikova: “If the government does not know about the schemes at the customs, such a government is not able to put things in order there!”

On June 8, 2018, Tetiana Ostrikova, the head of the subcommittee on customs, once again raised the issue of the…

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They are trying to create a garbage blockade in Zolochiv – Zubach

The pressure on the city of Zolochiv in the Lviv region does not cease. In the morning, so-called activists blocked…

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Aliona Babak: “There will be no chaos in housing and communal services”

This week, the parliament adopted a number of initiatives important for the sphere of housing and communal services. In particular,…

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