“Ukraine loses at least 100 billion hryvnias every year because of the scheme with taxes” – Sadovyi

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, calls the Ukrainian Customs the “black hole” of the budget. “If the money that…

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Sadovyi: “Ukrainians want peace, but not the “Russian” one”

The Minsk agreements are a capitulation for our state. And whatever is offered by Russia is a lie and a…

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“The law on lustration is the only thing left after the Revolution of Dignity” – Sadovyi

The abolition of the law on lustration is beneficial to Muraiev, Boiko and other ex-regionals, who cannot hold public office…

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Sadovyi suggests nationalizing or revoking the licenses of Medvechuk’s TV channels

“If we keep turning a blind eye to Medvedchuk’s buying up television channels, it might get too late soon.” When…

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Sadovyi gave Zelenskyi the portraits of Churchill and Chamberlain

“So that in the new office he could place the portrait that is closer to him.” When speaking at the…

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“The Constitutional Court postponed the consideration of lustration” – Drik

Following the morning protests of activists, the Constitutional Court postponed the consideration of lawsuits concerning the repeal of the law…

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Syroyid: “Kliuiev’s appearance at the elections is the result of the failure of the law on the occupied territories”

The reason for the entanglement with the registration/non-registration of Kliuiev lies in the fact that there is still no law…

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Drik: “It is the highest level of cynicism manifestation when Poroshenko’s “European solidarity” comes to defend lustration”

Protests in defence of the law on lustration, which might be cancelled today, continue outside the Constitutional Court. According to…

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“Lustration is the only barrier that does not allow ex-members of the Party of Regions to return to public office today” – Drik

Protests outside the Constitutional Court, which is now considering the case on the abolition of the law on the cleansing…

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Oksana Syroyid: “Today is not the beginning of revenge, but its continuation”

Responsibility for the revenge of the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine lies on Poroshenko – says Deputy Speaker of parliament Oksana…

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