Danchenko: “Success of the digital economy implementation depends on the consolidated actions of the state and business”

A conference called Telecom Ukraine 2018 was held in Odesa the other day. It brought together all the representatives of…

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Samopomich made public the conclusions of its internal investigation regarding deputy Marchenko

Samopomich made public the conclusions of the inner-party investigation concerning the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Roman Marchenko. It…

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Anna Romanova: Local “kings” are closing down the educational institutions whose premises appealed to them

While the Minister of Education and Science is talking about the course for the modernization of vocational education institutions, the…

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Babak: “Instead of only talking about the energy independence, the government should be financially supporting energy efficiency”

Samopomich demands from the Prime Minister to resume the financing of the “Warm loans” program. This was reported by a…

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Aliona Babak: “We have no doubts the heating season will begin, but at what price!”

The government is holding the state in suspense because of the unresolved issue with the price of gas. MP Aliona…

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Samopomich will demand the return of illegally allocated land plots to the ownership of the community of Kyiv – Oksana Syroyid

As reported by the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the chair of the Kyiv city organization of the Samopomich…

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Sotnyk: “The parliament voted down the legislation, which could have provided our citizens with unconditional access to public information”

The Verkhovna Rada failed to vote for the ratification of the Council of Europe’s Convention on Access to Official Documents….

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Serhiy Husovskyi and three more deputies of the Kyiv City Council are excluded from the Samopomich Union

The Executive Committee of the Political Party “Samopomich Union” has decided to exclude deputies of the Kyiv City Council Serhiy…

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Parliament passed a law on a “one-stop-shop” service at the customs

Today, the parliament voted for the “one-stop-shop” law, which had been vetoed by the President. This law introduces the “one-stop-shop”…

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Sotnyk: “If the PACE succumbs to Russian blackmail, this might all end up with the collapse of the Assembly “

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in its Standing Committee is considering changes to the procedures regarding the…

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