Sydorovych: “It is not right when the Foreign Ministry is not headed by anybody, especially in the face of the Russian aggression”

Samopomich will vote for the president’s submission about the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. MP Ruslan Sydorovych notes:…

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Samopomich is the only faction that gave 100% of its votes for the new Electoral Code

Today, on the last plenary day of the current parliament convocation, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted with its 230…

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Samopomich is calling on parliament to vote for the new Electoral Code

Parliamentary elections with open lists and on a proportional basis, as well as the abolition of deputy immunity. According to…

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Ruslan Sydorovych: “We are in for the final battle for the adoption of open lists”

On Thursday, July 11, at 9:30 am, there will be an action outside the Verkhovna Rada for the adoption of the Electoral…

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Romanova: “Undeveloped Ukrainian tourism means a bad image of the state and lost billions of dollars”

Unfortunately, this convocation of the Verkhovna Rada did not manage to realize the importance and potential of the tourism industry…

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“All cities in Ukraine should be treated equally” – Sadovyi about decentralization

Decentralization has mainly come to major cities. The smaller ones – which constitute up to 30% – have not got…

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Sadovyi: “If we develop our economy, the language issue will disappear”

The law on language is an epochal law, but this issue has always been used by pro-Russian agents in Ukraine….

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“The TV link-up is only possible if our studio is in Simferopol and Putin is online from The Hague” – said Sadovyi

The leader of Samopomich voiced the conditions under which the teleconference between Ukraine and Russia is possible during the “Freedom…

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Samopomich announced the collection of signatures against the special status of Donbas

In connection with the growing threat of revenge from the pro-Russian forces, Samopomich has launched a collection of signatures for…

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“Odesa – just like the rest 80% of cities in Ukraine – is in the hands of criminals” – Sadovyi

Samopomich proposes to release Ukrainian cities from the influence of criminal groups. Representatives of the party have a successful experience…

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