Wrongful taxes and tariffs are the result of the Parliament’s loyalty to oligarchs rather than the people

“An old American principle of democracy states, “no representation – no taxation”.  Wrongful taxes, wrongful tariffs – robbery as it is – are, in fact, the…

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Manipulations with the appointment of Prosecutor General contribute to the complete failure of the prosecutor’s office’s reform, Oksana Syroid

“Yesterday the Parliament actually rejected the bill that could allow Mr. Lutsenko or any other candidate without law degree to…

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“Samopomich” deputies managed to prevent “button punching”

There were not enough votes to push through the law which would allow appointing “the right person” to the position…

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In Ukraine the President is above the law; law “On provisional investigatory commissions” should fix this

“In Ukraine the President is above the law. At present, there isn’t a single procedure, a single mechanism to investigate…

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Law on provisional investigatory commissions is the key to the truth about Maidan shootings, military defeats and corruption schemes

In two years after the Revolution of Dignity and beginning of the war there have been no achievements in the…

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If the President does not want to change the CEC, the Parliament has to do this, Yehor Soboliev

As you know, the Central Election Commission’s term of service has expired long ago.

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USA expecting elections in Donbas in the summer – Viktoriia Voitsitska

US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, met with the representatives of the parliamentary factions. “Samopomich” was represented by Viktoriia…

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Electronic administrative services: in 15 minutes and without bribes

Draft amendments to the law “On administrative services» №4267-1, which is co-authored by “Samopomich” deputies, was registered in the Parliament….

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There’s no reason to make another President’s friend the Prosecutor General

“We in this Parliament have already dismissed two friends of the President from the position of Prosecutor General. There is…

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Political crises arise because of the oligarchic business interests and the absence of laws – Oleh Bereziuk

Oligarchic interests in the Parliament prevent the introduction of legislative regulation of separate power branches’ activities. This was stated during…

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