Yehor Soboliev: Today, the only correct option is the isolation of the occupied territories

At the today’s meeting of the leaders in “Normandy format”, Ukraine should demonstrate its steadfast stance and stay determined. This…

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Yehor Soboliev: We need to think about how to protect ourselves from the Putin’s cultural special forces

Today the Verkhovna Rada failed to pass the legislative initiative #4303 which among other things provides for an obligation for…

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Soboliev: It is necessary to eradicate the deadly presence of Russia in Ukraine

“Samopomich” Union faction is ready to support the bill on introduction of a visa regime with Russia. This was stated…

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Serhiy Kiral: Thousands of crimes in the occupied territories awaiting fair court verdicts

Today in the Netherlands, during the presentation of the report on the results of the technical investigation of the causes…

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“Samopomich” will cooperate with the Ulster Unionist Party of Northern Ireland

September 27, representatives of the “Samopomich Union” political party and the Ulster Unionist Party will sign a memorandum on cooperation….

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Yehor Soboliev: We have proved to our Western partners that Minsk is a trap

The Verkhovna Rada made a decision to hold parliamentary hearings on the theme of “Topical problems of Ukraine’s foreign policy”….

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Oleh Bereziuk: “Nobody explains to the international community the danger entailed by the Minsk agreements”

Statements of the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, in the course of his visit to Kyiv, that there is no…

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Oleh Bereziuk: We need to stand together and fight the greatest enemy – despotism of the Russian Federation

Today the Verkhovna Rada adopted a statement in response to Polish Sejm’s recognition of the resolution “On defining July 11…

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