The Hague court is an opportunity for Ukraine to show the whole world the proof of Russian atrocities – Olena Sotnyk

People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Olena Sotnyk, on the significance of the case against Russia in the Hague…

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Oksana Syroyid: Our European partners are frankly surprised that Ukraine continues to trade with the occupier while asking them to support the sanctions

Deputies of the Samopomich faction with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation recently had a working visit to Brussels. Oksana…

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Olena Sotnyk: American nuclear disarmament strategy will fail without performing the guarantees given to Ukraine

According to Samopomich MP, Olena Sotnyk, for the first time in the last two years the US started talking about…

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Olena Sotnyk: Referring to Minsk agreements in the PACE resolution on Ukraine was incorrect

Although much of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe did support the resolution on…

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Olena Sotnyk: PACE should be governed by principles, not its own interests

Today, during the meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, a report was presented by European Union…

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Samopomich: Lack of a coherent foreign policy in Ukraine threatens its national interests

Samopomich MPs are convinced that the lack of a coherent and reasonable foreign policy in Ukraine threatens the national interests…

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Oksana Syroid: There is no “Aleppo crisis” or “Ukrainian crisis”; there is a crisis of flirtation with Moscow

As noted by Vice Speaker Oksana Syroid, in today’s world there is no system of collective security. Therefore, France’s convening…

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“Samopomich” calls on Dutch politicians to support the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Samopomich Union faction addressed to the Christian Democratic Appeal party in the Netherlands to support the ratification of the EU-Ukraine…

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Oleh Bereziuk: By our actions we need to make any president respect ourselves

It is very difficult to predict the results of elections in any country. However, today we do not need to…

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Olena Sotnyk: Russia is waging two parallel wars with impunity – in the Donbas and in Syria

MP of the Samopomich Union faction spoke at a meeting of the UN Security Council drawing attention to Russia’s war…

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