IT reform strategy for Ukraine: e-government and independent regulator

The future of IT became the focus of parliamentary hearings, during which the experts in the field of information technology…

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We cannot let there be a legislative crisis on the market of information and communication technologies – Danchenko

The “Samopomich” Union takes control of the situation that has come about in the market of information and communication technologies:…

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Because of the illegal imports of mobile devices the state budget loses 1.3 billion UAH – Danchenko (updated)

Today in Ukraine only 2.6% of mobile phones and smartphones are legally imported, and illegal import makes the state lose…

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Deputies have taken another step towards implementation of E-petitions

In the process of preparation for the second reading, the changes on which public experts insisted will be introduced to…

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During the next sessional week, MPs can simplify the import regulations for IT equipment

The Committee on Informatization and Communication recommended that the Parliament adopt the bill №1888 on improvement of state regulations in…

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The journey of telecommunications equipment from the manufacturer to the customer needs to be simplified – Danchenko

New rules for import and use of telecommunications equipment in Ukraine were discussed by importers and parliamentarians.

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Ukraine has every opportunity to elaborate and implement global approaches to the development of an innovative state, – Danchenko

“Ukraine has every opportunity and the last chance to demonstrate the ability to elaborate and implement global approaches to the…

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Danchenko: The draft amendments to the budget didn’t take into account the 4.76 billion UAH from 3G sales

From the sale of 3G licenses state budget of Ukraine should get 10.86 billion UAH, and not the 6 billion…

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Auction on 3G-frequency brought more additional budget revenue than planned, – Danchenko

For the sale of the first 3G-license the state budget will receive 600 million more than expected.

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