Increasing hepatitis and HIV/AIDS rates among the military is a matter of national security

Volunteers and the public insist on urgent amending of the order №402 of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and…

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Pharmaceutical mafia won’t let go of Ukraine’s medicine market

“Samopomich” faction will not support the bill 4484 on state re-registration of medicinal products, since it is distorted by the…

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At the initiative of Samopomich healthcare industry representatives will tackle the problems of the industry ignored by the authorities

“In any European country medicine is a social priority, and only in Ukraine the healthcare is paid least attention to….

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There is nothing more precious than the health of the citizens of Ukraine – Iryna Sysoyenko

During a parliamentary session a people’s deputy, deputy chairman of the Committee on Health, Iryna Sysoyenko, called on the parliamentarians…

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Ukraine can become a leader in medical tourism – Iryna Sysoyenko

With the support of the state Ukraine may become one of the leading countries providing medical services to foreign citizens….

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Iryna Sysoyenko, “Development of medical tourism in Ukraine will become an important source of revenue to the state budget”

At the initiative of a people’s deputy of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Health, Iryna Sysoyenko, a round…

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“Samopomich” insists on immediate consideration of laws on medicine

Draft laws on medical sphere reforming should be included into the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada as early as the…

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In the Kyiv region modern trauma centres will be opened – Sysoyenko

It is planned to introduce a pilot project in the Kyiv region on reorganization of the aid provided to the…

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«Люди повинні розуміти відповідальність за власне здоров’я», – Ірина Сисоєнко

Ірина Сисоєнко – №25 у списку, адвокат, законотворець, керівник фонду «Захисту прав медичних працівників»,– розповідає про програмні пріоритети Об’єднання «Самопоміч»…

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