5 billion shall be spent on energy efficiency, not just wasted

“This year should be declared by the government only the year of road repairs, but at least, the year of…

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What developed gas market means for an average person – Aliona Babak

What does developed gas market mean for an average person? For example, in the UK this means that a person…

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Court upheld the claim of “Samopomich” deputies on the National Anti-Corruption Bureau’s inaction in the case of “Ukrnafta”

“A hope for justice began to rise in my heart. This is a small tactical victory. But we understand there…

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Raising tariffs for street lighting by 2.5 times is an energetic racket – Voitsitska

“Samopomich” Union condemns the decision of the National Commission carrying out regulation in the sphere of energy and utilities to…

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