Soboliev: The border with the occupied territories is more heavily guarded than the border with the Russian Federation

The pass entry system is still generating both bribing and anger of people, and most importantly it keeps the holes…

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“Donbas” battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine is embarking on performing the tasks related to anti-sabotage measures – Semenchenko

The return of the “Donbas” battalion to Mariupol has been agreed with the Defence Ministry. This was announced by the…

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The tension in Donbas will be relieved only when Russia withdraws its military, its equipment and its money from the Ukrainian lands – Syroid

Vice-Speaker Oksana Syroid drew the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the fact that provocations in Shyrokyne in…

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Only a strong country can win the war – Semenchenko

The leadership of our country believes that it will be able to negotiate with Russia through political means, but this…

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High time we saw what funds allocated for defence are being spent on – Soboliev

“Samopomich” want to see on what record defence budget is being spent. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the…

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Deputies have criminalized the production and sale of low-quality defence products

For low-quality body armor and helmets one can be jailed for 5-10 years. 238 deputies voted for the corresponding law…

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General Staff hampers the investigation into the causes of significant losses near Debaltseve – Pastukh

The activities of a working group on the causes of the tragedy in Debaltseve are being sabotaged, and those responsible…

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Soldiers on the front got bullet-proof body armour, unable to protect from bullets – Pastukh

The issue of procurement of low-quality body armor for the military in the ATO area will be raised at a…

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In the course of a month we need to make sure whether or not a new pass control system in the ATO area is effective – Soboliev

In late July “Samopomich” MPs will check it there will be less corruption with the introduction of a new permit…

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“Samopomich” once again emphasize the unsatisfactory pace of construction of fortifications in the ​​ATO area

The data presented by the relevant ministries on the preparedness of the fortifications do not correspond to what is actually…

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