Oleh Bereziuk: I hope that Ukraine is mature enough to withstand Russian pressure

The rhetoric of the participants of the yesterday’s talks in the “Normandy format” presented nothing new. This is a positive…

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Verkhovna Rada should draft and adopt a separate law on state protection of the ATO fighters

Today, social security guarantees for ATO fighters and their families are mentioned in several laws of Ukraine. However, the soldiers…

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“Samopomich” will insist on abolition of the regulation on “termless contracts”

October 18, the Parliament failed to overcome the President’s veto on the bill №4689, which allows the military who have…

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1200 hryvnias is the difference in salaries of soldiers in the rear and on the front line, Taras Pastukh

30-40 thousand Ukrainian military are today at the forefront. These people sacrifice their lives and should receive a decent funding….

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Report on the evaluation of the effectiveness of management in the sphere of security and defence published

“The defence budget is not a state secret.” With these words MPs Oksana Syroid, Olena Sotnyk, Taras Pastukh and Roman…

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Oleh Bereziuk: A quality budget for 2017 means security of Ukraine

The government and the Verkhovna Rada must realize that the next year’s budget should be thoroughly drafted and developed, because…

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“Samopomich” addressed the President to provide explanations on the withdrawal of troops in the east of Ukraine

Today “Samopomich” Union faction’s deputies appealed to the President with a demand to give an answer to the question: who…

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Taras Pastukh: We need to do away with the defence companies that are plundering public funds

To establish civilian control over the defence companies’ spending, to do away with the companies that embezzle public funds, and…

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Samopomich: Only free people are the true defenders of their motherland

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has vetoed the law providing for entitlement of mobilized military to enter short-term contracts during…

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