“Samopomich” asks the coalition to give citizens the opportunity to choose new people on the local level

The Parliament is offered to vote for the bill on local elections which is devoid of sense and content –…

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Vice Speaker cautioned against calling elections in the occupied Donbas

The adopted in the first reading law on local elections needs to be amended not to allow to hold elections…

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Decentralization in no way threatens the disintegration of statehood

Decentralization strengthens the state, not weakens it. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid.

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Only those territories that are under the sovereign authority of Ukraine shall have powers – Syroid

The amendments to the Constitution that relate to decentralization should strengthen the role of local communities. This was stated by…

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Local elections are to be held in autumn 2015 – Vice-Speaker

Local elections are to take place in October this year, as provided by the Constitution.

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Bereziuk: Decentralization – is when cities and communities, rather than regions, get the power

Changes to the Constitution that relate to decentralization should be aimed at making cities and villages a management tool in…

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For fiscal decentralization the law “On Local Self-Government” is needed

The Law “On Local Self-Government” can be adopted prior to amendments to the Constitution. This was stated by Vice-Speaker Oksana…

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Law on Building Inspectorate will promote deregulation and decentralization of urban development

The adoption of the bill on Building Inspectorate will pave the way for deregulation and decentralization of urban planning activities.

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Party of Regions’ former deputies want to postpone the elections, because they’re waiting for revenge – Soboliev

Local elections due to be held this autumn in all cities of Ukraine, including the capital. This was stated by…

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The process of decentralization is being sabotaged by the governors who are afraid of losing power – Bereziuk

In the upper echelons of power, there is a desperate resistance to the decentralization process. This was stated by Chairman…

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