Judicial reform won’t take place without public control – Syroid

Despite the imperfections, to which the Venice Commission draws our attention, the Law “On Ensuring the Right to Fair Trial”…

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Sydorovytch: The greatest challenge for constitutional reform is decentralization

Only after introduction of amendments to the Constitution, we can start real reforming of the judiciary system, local self-government, and…

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Syroid: Flirting with the “special status” of the occupied territories is humiliating for Ukrainians

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada is warned against flirting on the possible participation

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Public procurement of medicines will be carried out through international agencies

The Parliament will register a single common bill, which will regulate the procurement of medicines through

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It is suggested to remove the “Prosecutor’s Office” section of the Constitution

The amendments to Constitution should be elaborated within three areas: ensuring decentralization,

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For real changes in the court system the Constitution needs changes, – Sotnyk

The citizens will feel the results of the law “On fair Courts” no earlier than in a year.

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Decentralization shouldn’t become federalization, which is being imposed to us, – Syroid

The right to change the text of the Constitution and determine the provisions of the Main Law of Ukraine belongs…

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Закон про судоустрій треба удосконалити перед прийняттям, – Березюк

Ухвалення недосконалого закону про судоустрій може ще більш загострити проблеми судової системи.

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Дійсна нині недоторканність депутатів є ознакою феодалізму, – Березюк

Фракція Об’єднання «Самопомочі» буде голосувати за те, щоб зняти депутатську недоторканність,

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