On July 14 voting for the law on appointment of elections in Donbas might take place

According to Roman Semenukha, on Thursday, July 14, it is planned to adopt the law which would appoint elections in…

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Samopomich supports all peaceful forms of civil protest against elections in Donbas

We are keeping a watchful eye on those who are going to introduce the law on “elections in the temporarily…

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We need to adopt legislation on investigating the activities of the President and on his impeachment – Yehor Soboliev

Lack of legislation regulating the process of impeachment of the President leads to the fact that people resort to street…

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I believe there are no 300 traitors at the Parliament – Syroid

“I believe there are no 300 traitors at the Parliament,” an address by Vice Speaker Oksana Syroid on the final…

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“Samopomich” will not vote for amendments to the Constitution which concern decentralization – Bereziuk

The “Samopomich” Union faction will not vote for the draft amendments to the Basic Law in its current edition. This…

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Vice Speaker addressed the nation about the proposed changes to the Constitution

The proposed changes to the Constitution are beneficial to all but the Ukrainians, and can lead to authoritarianism and a…

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None of those trying to transform the Ukrainian Constitution into a “draft pole” succeeded – Bereziuk

The “Samopomich” Union faction has discussed with the experts the changes to the Constitution in terms of judicial reform and…

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It is deceptive to believe that changes to the Constitution of Ukraine can stop the war in Donbas – Vice-Speaker

To associate a constitutional process with a geopolitical one is primarily beneficial for Russia. This was stated by Deputy Chairman…

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In the free from the occupants areas of Donbas local elections be held – Soboliev

“Samopomich” believe that non-holding elections in the free from the occupants areas of Donbas is a step towards Putin. This…

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