Yehor Soboliev: We need to try and find those who stand behind such judges as Chaus

Parliament authorization to arrest and detention of judge Mykola Chaus is right in any case, despite the information that he…

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Fear of e-declarations makes corrupt officials resign, Soboliev

A fear of the electronic declaration system makes Ukrainian corrupt officials resign from their posts, said MP from the “Samopomich”…

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Lies in declarations can land officials in jail for 2 years, Soboliev

Today, 31 August, the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection issued a security certificate to the system of…

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Americans and Europeans are outraged because of the breakdown of e-declarations implementation, Soboliev

Foreign diplomats are outraged because of the attempts to fake up a hacking into the e-declarations system, said MP from…

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There was no hacking into the system of e-declarations, Kostenko

On Friday, August 27, it was reported there had been “hacking” into the system of e-declarations, a false declaration allegedly…

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“Officials’ electronic declarations will be admitted from September 1,” Yehor Soboliev

Officials’ electronic declarations will not be admitted by the time the system of their accepting is recognized reliable. “The Agency…

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The prosecutor’s office and the police are having a dig on the cases against Lviv city council from the time of Pshonka, Sadovyi

“We have received information on reopening of a criminal case against the leadership of Lviv motor carrier for the purchase…

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“Special confiscation must be irreversible,” Olena Sotnyk

“Recovery must be inevitable, firm and legally justified. So that none of the international courts, especially the European Court of…

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The bill on special confiscation intends to save Yanukovych’s fortune – “Samopomich”

“Samopomich” insists on introducing amendments to the bill on special confiscation. The faction’s members say that this law may be…

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