Yehor Soboliev: Every citizen has the right to demand from the politicians to explain the origin of their property

The National Agency for the Corruption Prevention is doing everything to avoid inspection of corruption in the electronic declarations. This…

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“Every official must explain their property” – Yehor Soboliev

Samopomich MP, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament, Yehor Soboliev, believes that every politician and official in Ukraine…

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Taras Pastukh: Those who promised to imprison Yanukovych and Co from the stage of Euromaidan are now suspending the investigation

“In three years after the Revolution of Dignity at least one positive thing has happened: today the choice – Europe…

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Yehor Soboliev asked the National Agency for Corruption Prevention to examine the way of life of Yulia Tymoshenko

MP from the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, addressed the National Agency for Corruption Prevention with a…

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Olena Sotnyk: Prosecutor General’s Office suspended the pre-trial investigation into officials of Yanukovych

The Prosecutor General’s Office suspended the investigation into the criminal cases against officials of the “criminal regime” of Yanukovych. This…

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Yehor Soboliev asked the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the fortunes of five MPs

Samopomich Union deputy, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Yehor Soboliev, addressed the director of the Anti-Corruption…

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Yehor Soboliev: Authorities’ cleansing should start with the voluntary or forced resignations of top officials

The International Monetary Fund has promised the Ukrainian National Agency for Corruption Prevention its assistance in verifying the information in…

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Soboliev: We must fight for the dismissal of any Prosecutor General, until we get the one who will start investigating the crimes against Maidan

If the crimes against Maidan are investigated and their perpetrators and organizers are brought to justice, the mutual covering-up system…

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Yehor Soboliev: Every time encountering a politician, ask them, “Can you elaborate on your declaration, please?”

Public disappointment is the worst thing that can be expected for Ukraine after the public opening of the officials’ capitals….

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Oleh Bereziuk: If the National Anti-Corruption Bureau doesn’t open any cases on declarations, the natural aggression of the Ukrainians will be used against the state

Officials, politicians, judges, who won’t be able to explain the origin of their assets mentioned in their electronic declarations, should…

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